Slab Foundation Repair with Quality and Durability at the forefront

At JC Foundation Repair, the slab repair jobs we undertake address first and foremost the most critical issues, rather than just adding a touchup which many companies do to extend their life by hardly a few years. Our team goes the extra mile to conduct an in-depth diagnosis, analysis, and fully tailored slab foundation repair solution to every job undertaken. This helps ensure that the structural stability of your home or building remains at the highest levels, year in and year out. 

When it comes to foundation repair for slab, the solutions we offer are not only technically feasible but also economically viable. When you hire the team at JC Foundation Repair, you can be rest assured that you’re paying the best rates for a quality slab foundation repair job which will last you years and years on end. 

fondation issues
Cracks and separation of bricks from the house are another telltale sign of extreme foundation damage.

Why Slab Foundations require repair from time to time

Almost all homes and buildings across Dallas, TX are constructed on concrete slabs – so that they can have flat and even surfaces to rest on. Their thickness may range anywhere between 4 and 20 inches and they’re not only used for foundations, but also exterior paving, floors and ceilings. With the passage of time, water or sewer lines beneath the slabs may break or leak, which causes serious damage to these otherwise robust structures. 

Other common causes may include pipe corrosion, a nicked water line, less than desirable pipe wrapping or seismic shifts. No matter what the cause, slab repair is something that calls for immediate attention by qualified, licensed and insured professionals.

Our team of slab repair specialists can assist you if you have observed any signs of a leak or damage in your slab foundation. Our foundation repair slab technicians rely on non-invasive camera inspections to pinpoint the source of the slab leaks, offer a free quote, and will perform high-quality slab repairs quickly and efficiently, as soon as you agree.

signs of foundation damage
Cracked floors are a sure sign of foundation problems.

But how do you know that your slabs are leaking? Look for the following:

Mold – Leaking water can seep into your floors and make its way up your walls, where it can cause mold to accumulate. 

Cracked/uneven flooring – With the passage of time, concrete slabs can move due to water leaking below them. This causes tile, laminate or wood floor to buckle and shift. 

Raised or partially sunken floors – Slab leaks have a tendency to shift and crack the concrete foundation of your home or building. Bumps and rises in your floor or ‘dropping’ floors are almost a guarantee that this has happened. 

Musty and pungent sewage-like smell – A water leak will most certainly lead to a damp, musty and sewage-like smell in your home. A sewer line leak, in fact, below your slab causes a much more unbearable smell. 

Sound of running water – You may detect the sound of running water, even when no faucets or appliances are being used, or when your water bill is unusually high.

Foundation Repair-concrete-slab-cracks
Cracks in the slab show foundation damage that will get worse if the problem is not addressed immediately.

Talk to our Slab Foundation Repair Experts

If you have noticed any of the above, it’s best not to wait for things to get worse. Our team will perform a complete diagnosis and offer you a free quote before beginning the slab repair job, where they will deliver according to your timeframe and budget.

Slab Foundations
Image of a Slab Foundation ready to be worked on.